Lubricant for the car engine. Reduces natural wear, enhances compression and increases performance, power and endurance.

From 34,92-18%

Product code: ΦΟΡ9000
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 470 gr

Add Formula 9000 in your car's lubricant and increase its performance and life cycle to the maximum. It is a unique, high quality product of special chemical composition without Teflon, metals or graphite. Its use with the car lubricant produces immediate polymerization of the molecules of the lubricant and thus enhances its performance. Guarantees the liquidity and smoothness of movement as for example of the pistons.

The results are unique:
-Up to 65% reduction of engine wear
-Increased compression
-Increased engine performance, power and durability for 40.000 km

Gift: An engine additive that cleans the whole fuel supply system for less fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.



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