Beautiful hair!

files/1/Donna_SGS120031.jpgBeautiful, rich and shiny hair! Everyone would love to have it! Shiny and healthy hair form 50% of our overall beauty.

Styling, pollution and often frequent shampooing have a negative impact on our hair. Dull, diluted and broken hair is the result.

Especially for women that have begun torturing them with styling products and dyeing them ever since they were young, they suffer from non-healthy hair. And what can we do for this? Since there is no way that we’ll allow ourselves having bad hair days, what can we do? We do have some solutions…

For all of us who wish straight hair in a few minutes, even when they are wet… yes, we heard well, even when they are wet, we can use Wet straight pro. It dries, straightens and shapes our hair without breaking it. And for absolute protection from heat, less frizz, hydration and care, we recommend Instyler shine serum. We apply it with our fingers on our hair before we use other devices such as a styling device, and thus we protect our hair as we offer them extra shine.

Meanwhile… are we going to comb our hair or what? But ofcourse! With the ordinary hair brushes all we manage to do is to break our hair and suffer from pain. A painful procedure for all women. However, if we had Detangler brush, combing would be a piece of cake as it glides through hair without tugging or pulling and it reduces hair loss and breakage. Let’s go buy it! Ideal, for women with long hair.

Then… if we want to achieve the perfect styling, we can do it without torturing our hair. How? With the Straight N Go, ceramic straightening brush! It is obviously ceramic and therefore, it is best for our hairs’ health. The dual flat panel brush encases hair to help increase drying time as its inner ceramic plates work with your hairdryers residual heat to help straighten hair.

And there is more… for special cases as hair loss or cover white. Follicle Lab increases hair density by 46% after 4 months. While with Gray Out we are able to cover within minutes the unsightly white hair. We simply spray them and stop worrying of how we look.

We do believe we are covered regarding hair styling, hair health, combing etc.

Our hair shines like crazy!