Fitness Week: waste no time - give it your best shot!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Fitness_Week_excitement.jpgHow would you like, just before the summer, if you were full of energy, had a fit belly and thighs, strengthened your back and become more flexible with just a few minutes workout every day from the comfort of your home?

Enter the Fitness week by from May 31 to June 6 and find solutions and suggestions for sexy legs, flat tummy, shaped body in amazing prices and many offer in exercising equipment and oscillating platforms. Give yourself the chance and get the body you've always dreamed of.

For shaped arms, sexy shoulders and perfect back, in a short period, try the unique fitness set, ideal for every woman. For as long as the Fitness Week lasts you can get three exercising equipment for the upper body with a 50% discount. Workout with the dynamic inertia, with the Shake Weight, and see results from the first week. With the Yoga set you will improve your muscle activity, correct your posture and maximize your energy reserves. Give a new breeze to your body easily and cheaply with a super 50% discount.

Burn fat and get shaped thighs with systematic exercise, quickly and from the comfort of your home, with Leg Magic Pulse benefit from its "magic". The secret lies in its curved shape, which compels all thigh muscles to work at the same time with small and controlled movements. An alternative suggestion is the Cardio Twister Stepper; a powerful stepper in a surprise price. What makes it special is its bar which helps the upper body make a full rotation, exercising even the oblique abs, upper body, shoulders and back.

Choose what suits you better and get in shape! 

If you wish to exercise and tone your whole body with the latest technology, try the Vibromax and Vibro 10000 oscillating platforms in new, reduced prices. Besides the amazing offer price, together with every Vibro 10000 you get as a gift the Velform Sauna Massage Belt to combat local fat; and with every Vibromax, the Shadow boxer for toning the upper body.

Waste no time! See the Fitness Week by, select fitness products according to your needs, benefit from the special prices and weekly offers and you will receive everything where you want.

Attention! The original exercising equipment shown above can only be found in Be careful of imitations!!!