Jump and get into shape

files/1/259E146995CD3C5DBF5698335B411737.jpgAfter Christmas holidays it is time we got back to shape. Piece of cake!

However, this time we won’t be dieting. We are about to try something less painful and more fun.

We wear our sports shorts and our sports bra and we are ready to burn calories!

Almost forgot… we put some music on and turn up the volume. 

We get on the trampoline and start jumping like kids following the pace.

We are definitely having fun! We jump and jump and we are starting to sweat. But still, it is pleasant.

Slowly, we feel our muscles burning. After 10-15 minutes we slow down. We don’t stop abruptly so that our heartbeat doesn’t drop rapidly.

Now we are off the trampoline. Feels good! We feel a natural detox… and endorphins!

Let’s go have a shower and after our shower we apply a slimming cream on our body. It will get absorbed easier. 

In the end, we stretch our back so as to relax.

Health, well-being, euphoria our some words that describe how we feel.

The procedure is simple and anyone can do it. If we repeat it daily we will be surprised with the results.