An original New Year's Cake!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Top_Cookie.jpgAll kids look forward to cutting the New Year's Cake in order to see if they'll win the gold coin... all this enthusiasm weakens if they don't win it and, of course, the result is a half-eaten piece of cake.

We could say that the New Year's Cake is not completely satisfactory as something sweet, since it's never impressive or original. A smart idea in order to make children love and appreciate the New Year's Cake - and eat it - is to bake it with them and be original! Wouldn't be amazing to make a New Year's Cake in the shape of an oreo cookie? Every kid, and grown up, would love that! With Big Top Cookie, enough cocoa and truffle, in combination with the rest of the materials of a simple cake, the result will be amazing and the preparation process full of fun!

The most beautiful moments begin before Christmas from these procedures when our home smells of sweets and the kitchen seems... bombarded... simple, familiar, quality memories with the children and happy holidays!

P.S. Don't forget to add the gold coin!!