The weather outside is cold, but inside it is warm


Belated Christmas snow showed up these days and it is pretty cold. But we don’t fell cold.

It may sound weird but it is true. No we are not one of those who can afford to use their radiators. We simply find alternative ways to warm up and of course affordable!


Initially, we wear our thermal socks. If our feet are warm then we can’t feel cold easily.

In addition, we purchase a heating stove which is ideal since it isn’t too big, we don’t need to fill it up with wood and it is easy to carry it around when we move from room to room. 

And we continue… if we have to go out and buy something, we simply wear our heating scarf. Our neck and shoulders are warm and thus we don’t feel the cold. So we don’t freeze…

Bedtime! When you want to sleep but you feel frozen and can’t fall asleep. It’s easier during daytime since we constantly move. But we can deal with this problem as well. We place our warming underbed on our mattress, we lay on it and finally we cover up with a fleece blanket

And sweet dreams!

Now we feel wonderful!