The bust you've always dreamed of.

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Product code: ΧΤΡΕΜΕ-2
Weight: 110 gr

There's no doubt that the bust is one of the most important parts of a woman's body. Well-shaped breasts make you look more attractive, more feminine and boost your self-esteem. And the difference is noticeable in seconds with Xtreme Bra!

Xtreme Bra is not a bra, but a system designed to make your bust look firmer. Place it underneath your breasts, it improves the shape of your bust by strategically repositioning the breast tissue and increasing your bust up to two cups in an instant!

The back of the Xtreme Bra is designed to give you upright, elegant posture. The specially designed straps and panels help straighten your back and let you carry yourself in a way that makes you look more slender.

You can use it with or without a bra.

One size fits all, with an extension piece for larger sizes.



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