Wear the Slim Boxer and feel self-confidence and comfort.

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Product code: ΣΛΙΜΒ-ΧΧΛ
Weight: 230 gr

As soon as you wear the Slim boxer, you will, immediately, feel your muscles stimulating and your whole body invigorating, from your thighs to your chest. It allows your body to move fluently and it is practical as it has a distinctive opening with buttons in the front.

With Slim Boxer your skin breathes and doesn't sweat. It can't be distinguished under your clothes, it is comfortable even under your jeans and it shrinks your belly and flabs as it displays a slimmer body.
It applies perfectly on your body, like a second skin. Slim Boxer, offers you a great sense of well-being, as if you just returned from the gym!

Composition: 80% polyamid, 20% elastane.



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