Sveltesse slimming sandals

Obtain well-shaped legs with the Toning Sandals!

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Product code: ΣΑΝΤΑΛ-42
Weight: 670 gr

Conceived with an 8 degree angle between the toes and the heels, the Toning Sandals allow you to tone your muscles while walking and to get a thinner silhouette thanks to an increased venous return.

Thanks to the sloping angle, all of the posterior muscles of the legs are in a stretched position. As a result, the calves become muscled and slimmer, as will the Ischia-femoral muscles (the posterior muscle of the thigh).

But that's not all! Thanks to the posterior angle of the sole, the foot is in slopping position that improves the venous and lymphatic return. In about three weeks, a reduction in the diameter of the thighs and smoother and more tonic skin is gained.

To obtain these significant results, all you have to do is wear these Toning Sandals three hours per day for 20 to 30 minutes.



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