Fluffy Massager - Foot massager

Foot massager and warmer.


Product code: F1520233
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 540 gr
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 2xAA

How many times have you got home and wanted to have a masseur on hand to give you a thorough foot massage? From now on you can thanks to the Fluffy Massager! With this foot massager and warmer you only need to sit on the sofa and let the Fluffy Massager do its job. In addition, thanks to its extra-soft fabric you'll have a great heat sensation when using the Fluffy Massager. The Fluffy Massager is like having two slippers together with non-slip sole. The massage mechanism built in this gadget only requires 2x AA batteries.

- Foot length: 29cm
- With of each compartment: 15cm



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