*Display item* Rollie Genie 3 pcs set

*In-store display item*. Easily removes hair, crumbs, lint, dust and more.

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Product code: ΡΟΛΙΤΖ-ΕΚ1
Weight: 830 gr

Rollie genie will help you get rid of all the unwanted mess in your house without spending a lot of time cleaning. You will save yourself a great deal of effort as well because you won’t have to go over different surfaces again and again. The genie will lift the dust, dirt and hair from your sofas, chairs etc without fail. In fact this product can actually be smartly used on your pets when you see loose hair on them so that it can be removed before they shed it all over the place.
The Giant Genie is perfect to get rid of big messes that might otherwise be difficult to clean. The extendable handle means it will eliminate dust from hard to reach areas as well. You can also use this product to clean your carpets because its deep cleaning ridges will penetrate and separate carpet fibres and remove any mess stuck in it. It can also be used to remove dust from hardwood floors or blinds in your house for that matter.
Another advantage of using this product is that it never loses its sticky surface; you can rinse it in water and dry it so that it can be used over and over again. No sticky tape or refills required to use this product that does the cleaning job perfectly.

Set include :
- 1 large Rollie Genie with storage cover
- 1 Medium Rollie Genie with storage cover
- 1 Mini Rollie Genie
- 1 Entension Handle


Item type: In-store display itme.
Condition: Limited use for in-store display purposes.
Functionality test: Tested. In perfect working condition.
Other issues: None. The product includes the full set of accessories.



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