Display AcuTrue rechar. sound amplifier

*In-store display item*. Invisible sound amplifier.

From 59,90-50%

Product code: ΑΚΙΟΥΤ-ΕΚ1
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 200 gr
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 1 x 1.2V

With AcuTrue you'll never miss another conversation.

Get high definition sound thanks to microtechnology without having to change batteries. AcuTrue is rechargeable.

It's lightweight and almost invisible while it fits perfectly into your ear, like a hands-free handset.

You can adjust the volume depending on your needs and thus you can use it anytime and anywhere.

The set icludes:
- 2 Acutrue
- 6 Silicone tips:2 small, 2 medium, 2 large
- Adapter
- Charger cable
- Brush
- Case


Item type: In-store display itme.
Condition: Limited use for in-store display purposes.
Functionality test: Tested. In perfect working condition.
Other issues: None. The product includes the full set of accessories.



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