Phoenix Gold Iron

The ideal iron for your clothes.


Product code: ΦΙΝΙΞ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 1,95 kg
Power supply: Power 220V
Power: 2200 watt

The ceramic sole plate, concentrated steam drive and contactless ironing technology combine to give you a supreme ironing product!

Is can also be used as a vertical steamer deodorizing and refreshing clothing and fabrics whilst still hanging.

The ceramic sole plate is faster and smoother than a standard sole plate, effortlessly gliding over fabric, removing creases swiftly whilst retaining heat for consistency and efficiency.

The built-in steam generator gives high-intensity steam. The continuous and consistent steam flow gives you a focused, pressurized steam zone whilst ironing with both traditionally and vertically, letting you iron through multiple layers and concentrate on tough creases with targeted steam bursts.

The Phoenix iron allows you to use all of these functions on all fabrics, no matter how delicate or tough, with separate steam temperature controls which mean you can have steam on demand, at your chosen settings, so it is safe to use on sensitive fabrics, logos, prints, buttons and more.

And ofcourse, steam is a natural sterilizer, allowing you to deodorize and sanitise your cloths and fabrics at the push of a button.

- 380 ml capacity tank
- 360 0 swivel
- 2.4 m cord



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