Chef O Matic multifunction cooker 5 l

The incredible 12-in-1, multifunction, compact countertop cooking machine.

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Product code: ΣΜΑΤΙΚ-5
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 3,48 kg
Power supply: Power 220V
Power: 1500 watt

All in just one machine. Making homemade healthy and delicious meals has never been easier. Just dial in the cooking temperature, set the time and that's it. Chef-O-Matic heats up in half the time of a fan assisted oven and cost 50% less to run.

Flash fry an amazing sea food stir fry or slow cook all day while you're away, and then come home to meals that are hot and ready to serve. Thick and hardy homemade soups and stews. Tender juicy meats. Bake your own homemade lasagna. Family sized casseroles and so much more! It will even cook from frozen! The cooking secret is in its cross convection technology.

As the desired level of heat penetrates from below, air crosses, circulates, and surrounds the food with a convection cooking energy to cook evenly on all sides, faster, more efficiently, and with less energy than other appliances.
And with the see-through tempered glass lid you can always see what's inside without lifting the lid. With the Chef-O-Matic there's no need for added fat, oil, or grease. It has a full 3 Litre cooking pot with commercial kitchen grade super non-stick surface, that won't stain, burn, crack, or peel!

Add the Base Rack that holds food off the bottom so that natural fats drip away from the food so you enjoy the natural roasted flavours without the fat, and its heart healthy so it's good for your diet and your figure!

Chef-O-Matic even has a Deep Fry Basket to make all the fried foods you love right in your own kitchen. When the cooking is done it shuts itself off so your food is never undercooked, overcooked, or burnt. Plus, clean-up is as simple as a quick whip with a cloth. It's a roaster, slow cooker, fondue machine, Dutch oven, rice cooker, casserole maker, griller, pasta pot, steamer, deep fryer, warmer, even an amazing popcorn machine! All in one easy to use compact countertop multifunction cooker.



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