Table Master green

The temperature-controlled cooking, baking, roasting, stewing, grilling, cooking au gratin- right at the table.

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Product code: ΤΜΑΣΤΕΡ-Π
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 4,34 kg
Length: 33 cm
Width: 33 cm
Height: 3 cm
Power supply: Power 220V
Power: 1500 watt

We introduce you the multifunctional sensation. The Table Master is an entirely new dimension in the kitchen! Regardless of what food you wish to prepare, the Table Master is the right choice.

Baking, roasting, cooking, stewing, cooking au gratin and much more- without fat or oil thanks to the pour-free ceramics surface with an anti-grip effect. Prepare in the shortest period of the time the delicious meals and do without unhealthy oil and fat entirely. You can even let the unhealthy fat flow off by simply tilting the Table Master a little.

With Table Master, temperature-controlled cooking is as simple as it gets. Regardless of whether you need 190C for perfect grilled meat or only 50C to keep your food warm for hours. You can also use the Table Master as a serving pan or prepare your dishes directly on it on the table. This turns every meal into a low-fat and healthy event for the whole family.

The huge content of more than 1300 cm2 of surface and 3 cm of edge height, the pour-free ceramics surface with an even and grooved side and the stepless thermostat make the Table Master the ideal kitchen device for food of all kind, regardless of whether you are cooklng for yourself alone for the whole family. It goes without saying that you will get the suitable thermal glass lid with it.

Cook a lot, a little, slowly, quickly, with or without gat- do everything, but certainly nothing wrong, with the sensational Table Master.

Dimensions: 33 x 23 cm.
Height: 3 cm.



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