Melt away extra pounds and inches with the Winsor Pilates!

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Product code: ΓΠΙΛΑΤ
Weight: 800 gr

The Winsor Pilates program will help you flatten and tone your abs, lift and firm your bums, trim and sculpt long, lean legs and boost your energy level.

Your Winsor Pilates kit includes:
- 20-minute Winsor Pilates Circle Workout DVD- With a body-sculpting breakthrough: the Winsor Pilates Circle. Adding a deeper level of resistance to your workout, this quick and easy-to-follow routine creates the long, lean body you want in no time at all.
- Accelerated Fat Burning Workout - This fast and fun Pilates-inspired workout was created to burn more fat and calories than ever before.
- 10-minute Sculpting Blast Workout - This workout combines standing moves with body-sculpting basics for a quick burst of energy.
- Fat Burning Cookbook & Exercise Planner - Includes your Win-in-10 program to help you lose a dress or trouser size in just 10 days. This program includes the Winsor Dozen (12 moves to do when you are travelling), nutrition guidelines and recipes, as well as the Exercise Planner to help you reach your goals fast.



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