Six different belts for Variolux.

From 55,90-11%

Product code: ΒΑΡΙΟΛ-6
Weight: 500 gr

With six different belts for Variolux, you will be able to massage your legs, arms, thighs, tummy, back, so as to combat cellulite, get rid of local fat, tone your muscles or just to relax. These are:
- The Anti-cellulite belt.
- The Turbo belt with many small spheres, to combat liquid retention and tone blood circulation.
- The Vitality belts to tone your arms and thighs.
- The Double belt for a relaxing massage of your back and torso.
- The 1000 Touches belt which targets the deepest layers of your skin.
- The Grip belts for relaxing and toning your arms.



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