Vibratone belt that burns fat and reduces cellulite.

From 89-55%

Product code: ΒΤΟΝΕ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 1,75 kg
Power supply: Power 220V

Just place it around your problem area and it will literally vibrate your fat away. Vibrating muscular technology actively burns fat cells away by rapidly contracting the core of your muscle, increasing heart rate and calorie burn off.

The Vibratone™ uses a unique oscillating massage action plus heat to slim down specific body parts - waist and abs, hips, buns, thighs, arms, and other problem areas. It΄s the smart and easy way to get the body you want without effort and in the comfort of your own home.

Special Features:

- 5 Intensity Levels
- Manual & Automatic Modes
- Handy Remote Control
- Sporty Ergonomic Design
- Free Carry Bag
- Free Measuring Tape



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