Burn calories with Drainaflex Balancing shoes

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Product code: ΝΤΡΕΙΝ39-Μ
Weight: 950 gr

Walking is a form of exercise, which strengthens your heart and increases your resistance.

Run your joints helps strengthen your bones and muscles and keep them flexible. The Balancing Drainaflex shoes are designed to tenfold the benefits of walking by stimulating muscles not put to with classical steps.

The Balancing Shoes Drainaflex reduce the impact on joints by making the surface more natural and soft ground. With Balancing Shoes Drainaflex you activate the muscles in your legs, buttocks, back and abdominals to adjust your body, resulting in a better position, making the strongest muscles and promoting blood circulation.

With Drainaflex shoes you:
- Refine your silhouette
- Reshape your body harmoniously
- Find a slender silhouette and a firm body
- Beautify your Skin
- Make your fitness while standing

Conventional shoes do not provide any assistance or help to correct posture thanks to Balancing Shoes Drainaflex, simulating a soft surface helps reduce the tension exerted on your joints.

- Beef up and strengthen your body
- Taking care of oneself with comfort and pleasant.
- Stimulates muscles not put to
- Follows a better body position
- Delivers the strongest muscles and promotes blood circulation



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