Ab Bike the dynamic training center

ABike is a dynamic conditioning center.

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Product code: ΑΜΠΑΙΚ-Ν
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 28,5 kg

ABike is a dynamic conditioning center that combines the advantages of cardiovascular exercise and interval training along with calisthenics in 4 different functions with which you work the whole body:

Fixed magnetic bike with 8 levels of resistance: You get all the benefits of cardiovascular work, better circulation while working glutes, thighs and calves.

AB Frontal: It works the rectus abdominis muscles, tones anterior serrates and strengthens the arms.

AB Lateral: Changes ABike's range of motion to work the dorsal and oblique abdominal muscles.

Combined AB: Two movements in a single repetition. Work the entire abdomen: oblique, straight and cross. The mixed motion helps to burn torso fat and tone.

(ABike focuses on work on the torso, helping to improve health, increase fitness, burn fat, lose weight and define muscles).

Its Dual system relies on cardiovascular exercise and abdominal core work to activate the entire body and the design of its tilt angle protects the neck and lower back.

By working the core of the body not only strengthens the abdomen, it also helps to accelerate metabolism and improve physical condition in general; Achieving loss of body fat, strengthening of muscle mass and better cardiovascular health.

Includes: 1 manual and 1 dietary plan.



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