We'll get you fit! Trains abdomen, legs, bottom and arms at the same time!

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Product code: ΦΙΤΜ2678
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 11,23 kg
Length: 114 cm
Width: 54 cm
Height: 81 cm

Forget demanding sports courses and time-consuming power training in an expensive gym! With the revolutionary "AB5 Body Shaper" you can easily train to get your dream figure in comfort at home. Training has never been easier and more effective! The great thing about these specially developed movement sequences is the clever combination of yo ga and power training. This ensures that almost all muscle groups are targeted at the same time : Abdomen, legs, arms, back and bottom. Whether you are a sports novice or already an advanced user, the 5 intensity levels with different angles offer the right level of training for everybody. After your daily exercise on the "AB5 Body Shaper" you simply fold up the device and store it away easily in a wardrobe for example.

- Fitness device for anybody - beginners and advanced users.
- Trains almost the whole body.
- Outstanding combination of stamina and power training.
- With 5 individually adjustable difficulty levels.
- Can be folded up to save space.



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