A multifunctional exercise machine.

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Product code: ΜΠΚΡΑΝΤΣ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 24 kg

The exercise bike Body Crunch Evolution is a multifunctional exercise machine that will strengthen the muscles of your back, upper body, legs, arms and abdominal muscles.

The exercise bike will burn more calories, increase your endurance and agility, and improve your cardiovascular system and mood with the wide range of exercises you can perform.

The results are visible after a few weeks, with an exercise time of only 10 minutes per day.

- Hydraulic piston for Body Crunch Evol to move up and down for effective body-crunching exercises
- Includes a tension control knob with 12 intensity levels, to adjust the intensity of the workout (1 – easiest to move up and down; 12 – most difficult)
- Magnetic stationary bike – no bike cables
- Includes a tension control knob with 8 intensity levels to adjust the intensity of the workout (1 – easiest to pedal; 8 – most difficult)
- Handles and pedals to help control movement
- A seat
- Calorie counter, to monitor how many calories were burned

- Stationary bicycle and body-crunching fitness machine in one
- Exercises the torso, legs, arms, abs, and buttocks - Suitable for everyone
- Helps develop muscle mass and promote muscle toning

Package contents
- Body Crunch Evol
- Calorie counter
- Manual
- Assembly Tools



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