Gymform Ab Generator

The amazing machine that creates an incredible core building workout.

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Product code: ΑΒΤΖΕΝ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 10 kg
Length: 114 cm
Width: 54 cm
Height: 81 cm

Burn fat and reshape your entire body in just 5 minutes a day!
The secret to this amazing machine is its combined use of the yo ga plank position and sit ups, to create an incredible core building workout.
In just 1 motion you will make super cardio & toning.

With Gym Form Ab Generator you:
- get a ripped, sexy 6 pack
- raise your buns
- sculpt your biceps
- slenderize your thighs
- and even get rid of cellulite.

It has five exercise levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, intense, extreme.

With Gym Form Ab Generator you also get:
- A multifunctional computer
- Diet plan
- Instruction manual
- Advanced workout guide.



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