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  • Master Gym fitness revolution

    Master Gym is a low-impact multi-exercise device designed to perform various routines that will allow you to maintain mobility of muscles and joints.

    From 119 €-24%
  • Squat Magic

    Squat Magic tone, shape & sculpt ease.

    From 99,90 €-20%
  • Ab Energizer RT

    AB Energizer is an advanced muscle trainer for training in the comfort of your home.

  • Freshpanty Jadies

    We offer you this solution: The new JADIES panty to provoke a fresh feeling which will induce thermogenesis.

    Various sizes

  • G-Fitters

    Burn more calories in daily activities

    From 59,90 €-67%

    Various sizes

  • Cosmetex leggings 3/4

    Cosmetex leggings 3/4 with a triple action intelligent fabric.

    From 29,90 €-33%

    Various sizes


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