Cera Slender

Reduce fat with infrared thermal energy.

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From 34-41%

Product code: ΣΕΡΑΣ-ΧΛ
Weight: 220 gr

Reduce fat and orange peel skin, improve circulation and lose up to 2 sizes with Bioceramic Cera Slender.

Made with the latest scientific breakthrough, bioceramic fabric. When this fabric comes in contact with your skin, the 4000 bioceramic particles in Cera Slender absorb your body's heat through far-infrared thermal energy.

This causes your body to activate more circulation and produce more heat to compensate for the original heat loss and thus you burn fat.

Composition: 35% bamboo charcoal, 55% polyamide, 10% elastane.

Along with cera slender, you get a slimming belt for free.



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