Cosmetex leggings 3/4

Cosmetex leggings 3/4 with a triple action intelligent fabric.

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Product code: ΚΟΣΜΕΤ-ΛProduct code: ΚΟΣΜΕΤ-ΧΛ
Weight: 170 gr
Weight: 170 gr

Cosmetex leggings 3/4 have an instant, durable effect.
Made with intelligent fibre with ceramic crystals and millions of microcapsules using new active cosmetic principles.

The leggings may help you lose inches and may reduce the appearance of cellulite, while the second-skin-effect will give you a unique feeling of freedom.

The direct effect of the microcapsules with a fat-burning, firming complex that uses Ginkgo biloba extract and sea kelp, helps combat the appearance of cellulite.
Effectiveness is guaranteed for up to 30 washes and replacement microcapsule packs are available (not included).

The long-term effect of the intelligent fibre may reduce the appearance of cellulite and may create more elastic, smoother, younger-looking skin thanks to the interaction between the bio-ceramic crystals and the skin.
The heat produced by the body is absorbed and trasnformed by the bio-ceramic crystals, which release it in the form of infrared radiation.
his increases the local skin temperature along with blood flow and lymphatic circulation, forcing the body to eliminate fat cells more effectively.

The Cosmetex leggings 3/4 are also made of opaque, seamless fabric that looks good enough to wear every day, without the need to cover up.

Wear the leggings every day for 8 hours for at least 28 days and improve your apprearance.



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