Electrotherapy for cellulite. Increases the blood supply. Performs a draining action. In various sizes.

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Product code: ΙΝΟ001
Guarantee: 3 months
Weight: 860 gr

Innuelle consist of a mini generator that transmits beneficial and painless pulses to elasticised shorts whose fabric constitutes the heart of the TEX-EL SYSTEM. In fact, it is obtained by intertwining cotton and a special rust-proof metal alloy. The shorts are therefore comfortable to wear and wrap around the body, as well as being biocompatible and hypoallergenic. The fabric's particular composition also enables nerve stimulation to be distributed uniformly across the entire are covered, without breaking up at separate points as happens with most forms of nerve stimulation electrotherapy that cannot be worn. - Wearable wherever and whenever you like, even while you're sleeping. - Painless you will get just a slight tingling feeling. - Specific legs only or legs and buttocks. - Reduces the circumference of the thighs-buttocks. - Performs a draining action. - Increases the speed of the blood flow.



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