MASS 'N' SLIM simultaneously refines and shapes your silhouette.

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Weight: 240 gr
Weight: 240 gr
Weight: 240 gr
Weight: 250 gr

- Giving instant results, MASS N' SLIM simultaneously refines and shapes your silhouette for an immediate reduction in centimetres!
- Thanks to its highly unique material, MASS N' SLIM firmly reshapes the body and shaves centimetres off your contour - without any discomfort - as it feels like a second skin. It is so comfortable that you'll forget you're even wearing it!

THE 3 KEYS TO ITS EFFECTIVENESS which separate this slimming belt from all others available on the market today!
MASS N' SLIM is made with a fabric which is reinforced with ceramic at strategic point (stomach) providing dual action:
1) The ceramic releases negative ions and emit infrared waves that transmit heat deep into the body, gently increasing the skin's temperature and forcing the body to burn more calories, which creates the slimming effect.
2) The spherical beads provide a bona fide, continuous massage on your stomach.
3) The fabric is made up of natural bamboo fibres - a very silky fibre which is anti-UV and antibacterial, and four times more absorbent than cotton. It allows the fabric to breathe, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Environmentally friendly! 1st slimming belt to be mentioned on M6 Boutique!



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