Power Shapers slimming shorts

The fitness-world secret!

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Product code: ΠΣΕΙΠ-Σ
Weight: 420 gr

You do plenty of exercise and lead an active lifestyle but still have a couple of pounds that you simply cannot shift from your hips.

Declare war to those annoying love handles with Power Shapers.

Thanks to the special NEOPRENE technology, this latest generation of slimming shorts can help increase your core temperature when they come into contact with your skin.

This causes you to sweat even more- an entirely natural way to burn significantly more calories and greatly increases the effects of physical exercise.

Even people who are not as sporty can benefit from Power Shapers. The shorts can also be worn when you out for a walk, shopping or doing the housework; you will always notice that you are sweating more and can burn more calories whatever your everyday activity is.

Power Shapers can also be worn under your clothes to help you increase your long term wellbeing.



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