The revolutionary compression underwear that slimmers you and restores the body's center of gravity.

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Product code: ΣΣΕΙΠ-ΣΜ
Weight: 330 gr

An increase in weight may cause body changes including a shifting of the center of gravity. Thus, stress of back muscles occur.

Sankom Slimming Shaper differs from all other compression unerwear in the world! It represents a real possibility for reducing any negative impact of excessive weight on the spine as it is designed according to the anatomy of the muscles.

It has diagonal compression instead of horizontal that ordinary compressors have. It transfers center of Balance backwards and downwards.

Sankom slimming Shaper offers you the following benefits:

- Restores the body's center of gravity
- Helps reduce back pain
- Flatter stomach effect
- Reduces cellulite visibility
- Figure-contour lift and shape
- Comfortable to wear-breathable fabric
- Original Swiss design

Ideal for enhancing muscles during sports activity!



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