Get the ideal waistline in seconds.

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Product code: ΒΓΟΥΕΣ-ΣΜΜΑ
Weight: 210 gr

Wear the Velform miniwaist and look two sizes slimmer immediately.

The secret is a dual compression technology that firmly tightens around your waist, abdomen and back, for instant perfect waistline.

Your ideal figure in just 2 steps:
- it compresses and supports
- it slims your waist instantly

Initially, you wear the waist trainer for a few hours and gradually you increase the time you use it.
Try on the latest trend that all celebrities use and get the body you always dreamt off.

Velform mini waist:
- reduces waistline
- tucks your belly
- instant hour glass figure
- great back support

Mesh: 90% polyester, 10% elastane
Fastener: 30% nylon, 70% polyester
Straps: 30% nylon, 70% polyester



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