Anti-cellulite masssager and revitaliser of the tissue of the body and face.


Product code: ΒΑΣΠΕΚΤ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 3,07 kg

The Beauty Aspect has been specially designed to treat cellulite and help rejuvenate, recuperate, revitalise and harmonise the tissue of the body and face.

Thanks to its powerful suction and "Lift and Roll" functions, you can feel the tissue being stimulated from the most superficial to the deepest layers of skin.

It can carry out 5 additional ACTIONS:
1. Anti-dimpling and figure remodeling
- drains fatty tissue and smoothes dimples (reducing the orange peel effect)
- gradually transforms your figure
- decongests and releases the tissue and cells
2. Blood circulation in the body
- improves blood circulation and revitalises the tissue
- stimulates and activates microcirculation
- reduces saggy skin, lines and wrinkles
3. Body firmness and tone
- improves the density and tone of the skin
- gradually softens and reduces fine lines
- tautens and stimulates skin tissue and tones and strengthens skin
- eliminates the double chin
4. Body relaxation and recuperation
- reduces stress and muscle tension
- encourages and stimulates subcutaneous exchanges
5.Tissue harmonisation
- Relaxing, pleasant, gentle and effective massages similar to those you might experience in a beauty salon

The "Beauty Aspect" box set uses touch technology for all controls.
It also uses energy-saving technology to protect the environment.



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