Triple action slimming treatment.

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Product code: ΟΞΥΠΑΤΣ
Weight: 240 gr

The 1st slimming treatment that is more than skin deep for slimming, firming and anti orange-peel effect.

The Oxypatch treatment provides a new slimming experience that helps inch loss on the thighs and belly, a firming effect that improves the skin's elasticity at the same time.

Oxypatc's secret lies in th unique combination of its patch and slimming gel that acts directly to produce triple action care:
- Reduces cellulite
The active principles in the patch and the gel act simultaneously and directly on cellulite, improving blood circulation and oxygenation of fatty tissue, thus helping to eliminate it.
-Mitigates the orange peel effect Due to the effect of pressure exerted on the fatty tissue of the target areas, the active principles of the Oxypatch help reduce the orange peel effect, making the skin feel softer and firmer.
- More supple skin with greater elasticity the acive principles of the patch and gel penetrate the skin, helping to produce collagen. Better nourished and oxygenated skin becomes supple and has greater elasticity.

In contact with the skin, the unique combination of patch and gel will act in exaclty the same way as physical activity and help slimming thanks to the elimination of fat cells.

The content of the Oxypatch care pack (1 90-ml gel and 12 patches) provides treatment for 15 days for the thighs and one month for the tummy.

All you have to do is wear the patch for 40 minutes three times a week with a day off between each application.



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