A flatter stomach in just one hour.

From 39-23%

Product code: ΣΛΙΜΕΞ
Weight: 190 gr

Slim Express is a unique emulsion gel made from natural active ingredients that will help you lose inches and achieve your dream waistline in just one hour.

It is directly inspired by liposuction methods, Slim Express combines four revolutionary active ingredients that result in a powerful synergy never seen before.
- Vectorized Caffeine: Α new cosmetic technique that allows caffeine to penetrate to the very heart of fat cells and reduce their diameter and the fat within them.
- Sodium Chloride: It has an immediate slimming effect.
- Globularia Cordifolia: Effective in combating the fat that accumulates around your stomach.
- Peppermint essential oil: A powerful tonic and stimulant.



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