Combat fat around knees.

From 19,99-35%

Product code: ΣΛΙΜΓΟ
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 90 gr

Fatty tissue builds up in women following hormonal changes that occur at the time of puberty, menopause and pregnancy. This fatty build up is exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle: too much rich food, lack of exercise and daily stress.

The active ingredients in Slimbell Phytosonic improve skin thickness (cellulite), thigh size, thigh thickness, shape and appearance of the treated area.

These 3 natural plant extracts are:
- Glaucine, an extract of glaucium, a plant which naturally grows along the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast.
- Euglena Gracilis, a microalgae with a therapeutic action boosting skin cell energy.
- The coffee plant, whose best known property is to "burn fat".

Clinical tests carried out on a panel of 27 women over a period of 2 months demonstrate a reduction in knee size up to 8.21% with a maximum loss of 20.1%.

Package of 50 ml.



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