Solar tent offers you shade as you like it - where, when and as much you want.

From 89-55%

Product code: ΤΕΝΤ-ΠΜΕ
Guarantee: 3 months
Weight: 2,75 kg
Length: 195 cm
Width: 135 cm
Height: 140 cm

The light and mobile PREMIUM solar tent turns anyplace into the perfect shady spot.

You can leave your PREMIUM in the same spot all day and adjust it easily to the position of the sun whenever you want by shifting the side and front shade drape accordingly with the patented Sun-Positioning-System (SPS). With protection factor 60 (UV standard 801).

- Weight 2,4 kg (5,2 lb) / carry bag: 55 cm x d 13.5 cm (1.8 ft x dm 5.4 in), wind resistance up to 5 Beaufort
- Set up size: length 195 cm x broad 135 cm x height 140 cm (6.5 x 4.5 x 4.6 ft)
- Made by: coated Polyester, Fiberglass TLX 2400, Aluminum 6063, Nylon, zinc coated and stainless steel
- Color: beige



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