The greatest musicians and their guitars.

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The greatest musicians have their favorite guitars, an irreplaceable part of their image. Who can imagine Elvis or Jimi Hendrix without their guitars?

So, pick your favorite musician's guitar and order now. In limited pieces.

Create your own miniature collection.

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones were created in London in 1962 by the guitarist Brian Jones, the pianist Ian Stewart, the singer Mick Jagger and the guitarist Keith Richards.

They have recorded 22 studio albums in Great Britain (24 in USA), 8 live albums (9 in USA) and many compilations and have sold over 200 million albums throughout the world. They have recorded hits such as "She's A Rainbow", "Paint It Black", "Anybody Seen My Baby", "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", "Let's Spend The Night Together", "Ruby Tuesday" and many more.



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