Drain Fairy magic drain plug

Keep sinks, wash basins, showers and bathtubs clean of hair, dirt and soap residues.

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Product code: ΝΤΡΕΙΝΦ
Weight: 120 gr
Width: 6 cm
Height: 15 cm

Sinks, wash basins, showers and bathtubs often catch hair as well as dirt and soap residues. Slowly these build up, causing unpleasant odors and health hazards through germs.

Drain Fairy solves these problems!
The bottom of the Drain Fairy holds a block with odor and disinfectant substances, which are released when they are rinsed by the draining water. The Drain Fairy replaces all previous sealing plugs and is easily interchangeable.

Why use the Drain Fairy?
The parts of the drainpipe located below the drain opening are difficult to access and can hardly be cleaned reliably, thus deposits are formed which cause unpleasant odors. The Drain Fairy avoids the formation of these pollutants, deposits and unpleasant odors, thanks to its active ingredients.

Drain Fairy can be used in sinks, wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays, as long as the drain is closed by a lifting mechanism.

No tools are needed! Simply replace the conventional drain plug with the Drain Fairy and a fresh scent will immediately spread in the room.

The active substance block lasts for approximately three months, then it can simply be replaced.



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