Everloc hooks set of 2 pcs

Everloc from the market leader in suction cup fittings

From 19,90-25%

Product code: ΒΕΝ10504
Weight: 90 gr

The patented Everloc system delivers what it promises: Long-lasting adhesion and consistent loadbearing capacity.

Everloc's big advantages are based on the facts that the suction cup can be easily removed after a protracted period of use and that Everloc can be used interior as well as exterior, on even as well as on uneven surfaces.

You just push the hook against the surface and you turn clockwise and it stays there for as lon as you like.
Everloc can be easily removed and reinstalled as many times as you like, withouth loosing its suction capacity.

The set includes two hooks, with dimensios 8 X 4 X 5 cm each.



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