Aivazoglou oil on canvas "Arcade Door"



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"OLD NEIGHBORHOOD DOOR". The theme, one of the most characteristic of the artist, has value for the technique used and even more so for the idea. He selected old neighborhood doors. He selected lanes, walked through forgotten roads, climbed mossed steps, searched and found characteristic doors of rhe old neighborhood. Doors behind which generations were brought up without comfort but with unreachable dreams, woven on the steps in front of the door at the sunset. A time when the women of the neighborhood brought out their chairs to share together their news, their dreams, their agony for their offspring. A time when the iron door cringed shut leaving behind the heartbeat of the first date. A time when the youngsters gathered in front of the door step, ?donΆt go far away?, the mother’s voice within their ears, so they could run off to play their childhood games or to read their stories. Achilleas Aivazoglou’s doors are shut, but not forgotten. Because within them are secured tender memories of what once happened, of a town that once was. The old neighborhood with the narrow lanes, with the small houses, with iron gates and with the mist of solidarity. Achilleas Aivazoglou, born in Thessalonica in 1948, is one at the most famous young artists of our time. He studied at the School of Fine Arts where he was taught painting by Giannis Moralis and fresco by Constantine Xinopoulos. Recognized artist with 21 private exhibits and over 40 times participated in-group exhibits. He always receives good reviews not only for his technique but also for the colors he uses and his themes. His works, which are in high demand, today decorate the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Mortgage Bank of Greece and many public and private collections. "Arcade Door". Size : 21 X 15,5 cm.



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