"Life has passed us by"

Life has passed us by. 53 X 70 cm.


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As soon as I enter the lane, I pretend to fix the cap on my head
and through the corner of my eye I look through the windows.
Behind the small curtain I know she is watching me pretending to be embroidering.
Every Saturday at the bazaar where I put out my wares
she sends her mother to buy yarn for lace.
Boy, if she never gets outdoors to roam about and be seen by a few,
I see her dowry consumed by the moths.
I sent her a message with her friend
that I've brought some new red ribbon and to come down to pick it up.
She can come up with an excuse.
So many people are at the bazaar. Who will notice her talking to a peddler?
And I've sent her another message.
Life doesn't wait, it passes by...


Paintings are small openings through which the artist prompts us to see the flame of his creative spirit. This flame of creation drives his hand to paint and the result is the artwork we see. When looking at a painting we begin to understand the artist’s inspiration and to share it with him. The inspiration is God’s gift that only a few have been granted. Achilleas Aivazoglou is one of the lucky ones.

He has a very special way to uncover things marked by time. Wrinkles of yesterday, nostalgia for today. Moments we passed by while rushing towards today. Marks of life beautiful in their simpleness, gentle neighborhoods, bittersweet seasons.

They say that when an artist finishes a painting it no longer belongs to him. It belongs to all of us who can see in it the inspiration of his creation while projecting it further with our own eyes, feelings, thoughts and imaginations.

Paintings are not only a decoration for our homes but also a source of inspiration and a ticket for a trip to another unknown place. Stand in front of a painting by Aivazoglou and admire the colors, the techniques and the shadows, the painter’s unique talent. But also observe the theme. Put life into the scene. Smell the wet courtyard, listen to the gossip behind the locked doors. See the details on the smoky glass lamp, touch on the dream of those people living in this era.

Achilleas Aivazoglou, born in Thessalonica in 1948, is one at the most famous young artists of our time. He studied at the School of Fine Arts where he was taught painting by Giannis Moralis and fresco by Constantine Xinopoulos. Recognized artist with 21 private exhibits and over 40 times participated in-group exhibits. He always receives good reviews not only for his technique but also for the colors he uses and his themes. His works, which are in high demand, today decorate the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Mortgage Bank of Greece and many public and private collections.



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