Color change sprinkler

Color changing water sprinkler.

From 28,90-62%

Product code: ΤΖΕΙΝΤΖ
Guarantee: 3 months
Weight: 310 gr

Do you want to save water & electricity while enjoying a colorful garden fountain?

The Water Sprinkler saves you money & gives you a spectacular colour fountain feature.

- Water creates hydraulic power to light up & shine through a spectrum of colors
- 6 different colors that will create a color changing rainbow
- No wires, no batteries & no electricity!
- Produces a gentle, fine mist that maximizes saturation
- Spectacular color fountain feature at night
- Sprays softly so it won't damage your plants
- Sprays an even application of mist over a large area
- Mist reaches up to 2m in height & 6m in diameter!
- Fits any standard garden hose
- Environmentally friendly: save water & electricity!



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