Wash, rinse and dry your floors - quickly and easily.


Product code: ΦΛΟΡΓΟΥΙΖ
Weight: 650 gr
Length: 40 cm
Width: 12 cm
Height: 120 cm

Now you can super clean and dry your floors in half the time with the Floorwiz Double Sided Spray Mop from Verimark. The Floorwiz works with only water, no harsh chemicals are required. It’s so easy to use. Simply fill the reservoir with ordinary tap water. Screw on the lid and click securely into place. You can use Floorwiz dry to clean and collect dust.

When you get to a tough spot, pull the easy squeeze trigger and let the Floorwiz's water activated eco-fibers remove the dirt in seconds. Floorwiz can be used on any floor, but is specially suited for laminated or wooden flooring.

Wash, rinse and dry your floors - quickly and easily.

- One side chenille, the other side microbibre
- Makes cleaning simple, quick and easy
- Removable, re-useable and machine washable pads
- Easy-to-use squeeze trigger that sprays fine mist
- Use on various surfaces : vinyl, ceramic tiles, wood, laminate, marble or stone



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