Kong Mop Revolving mop & bucket

Bucket with carrying handle and wheels, adjustable mop stick and 2 microfibre mops.


Product code: D3515113
Weight: 2,98 kg

Discover a new way to clean much more confortable and fast with our Kong Mop revolving mop. Thanks to its revolving design, the mop spins just with a slight pressure downwards. It allows to clean every single corner of the floor and drains easily just by pressing it a little bit against the bucket. Moreover, its microfibre mop dries exceptionally well. Kong Mop bucket with wheels features an extensible handle to carry it easily all over the house. The handle of the mop is made of stainless steel, with an adjustable length.


- Drains automaticallyand without effort: No need for a pedal
- Automatic rinsing: Built-in spinning system inside the bucket
- Dry and ready in seconds
- Bucket with wheels and extensible handle for easy transport
- 360Ί easy-clean spinning
- Bucket measures: 27 x 26 x 48 cm

Pack includes: bucket, mop stick (130 cm) and 2 microfibre mops



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