Magneto Mesh Magnetic Fly Curtain Flower

The amazing Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain!

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Product code: D0500143
Weight: 350 gr
Width: 100 cm
Height: 210 cm

Protect your home against annoying insects with the amazing Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain! With this practical door fly screen as seen on TV you can perfectly leave the door or window open to enjoy the good weather preventing insects from entering. Magneto Mesh has been specifically designed to stop flies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc. thanks to its meticulously interwoven net. The Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain is very easy to use: it opens easily and closes automatically thanks to the magnets on the edge of the curtain which make magnetic closing possible. Even if you you're too busy, you'll be able to open it without any effort. Your pets will also be able to cross the Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain.

The Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain is made of a very light mesh fabric that lets the light in. Magneto Mesh is ideal for houses on the beach, on the countryside, with garden or just about any building. It's perfect for courtyard doors, sliding doors, front doors, back doors, balcony doors, tents, windows, etc.

Let fresh air into your home while keeping insects away thanks to the Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain!

The Magneto Mesh pack includes:
- 2 curtain panels with 9 magnets each
- 12 hook-and-loop fastener straps
- 21 tacks

Features of the Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain:
- Central opening
- Easy and quick installation
- Adjustable and adaptable to different heights, widths and door types
- The hook-and-loop fasteners aren't damaging for the door frames
- Reinforce fastening with the tacks (optional)
- Can be easily removed to change it to a different door
- Modern, elegant and functional design
- Approx. measurement of each panel: height 210 cm x width 49.5 cm



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