Repel pests with the new Pest Reject Pro.

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Product code: ΡΙΤΖΕΚΤ-ΠΡΟ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 500 gr
Power supply: Power 220V

The new more powerfule and more effective Pest Reject Pro All you have to do is plug into an outlet in your home and you'll repel parasites within an action radius of 300 m2.

Pest Reject Pro uses two advanced technologies: Electromagnetism sends electromagnetic pulses through the wiring in the walls of your home to create a hostile environment that makes pests pack and go. The ultrasound waves emitted intermittently by the device make life unbearable for pests so they flee the area of action of the ultrasound waves.

Pest Reject Pro does not kill pests, but makes their life unbearable so they go away.

Pest Reject Pro is completely inoffensive for children and pets and does not interfere with household appliances.

It is a product for home use that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no hazardous chemicals that are toxic or poisonous or that give off noxious odours.

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