Scare-mole and vole repellent 250 ml

A mole and vole repellent, harmless but drastic in chasing away irritating moles and voles from your garden.

From 11,50-57%

Product code: ΜΟΛΣΚΕ
Weight: 700 gr

If you want to drive away annoying moles and voles from your garden, the Scare-Mole and Vole product with purely smelling substances is the right one for you.

The Scare-Mole and Vole Product is harmless for humans, animals and plants. You just drop a small amount of the product in the ground where the mole is, cover up and spray with water and you are done.

Moles and voles will disappear, once they smell it and you will get rid of them easily and quickly.

This product with child safety cap is 100% biodegradable and consists of 250ml granules.



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