Pingi Shoe Dry Advanced

Pingi Shoe Dry.

From 39,90-58%

Product code: ΠΙΝ240
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 620 gr
Power supply: Power 220V

This product is specially designed to keep your footwear moisture-free and in form. With consistent use, it delivers a proven contribution to the increase in the life of the shoes. In addition, it helps prevent complaints with respect to the skin on the foot which occur due to walking in damp footwear.

Pingi Shoe Dry quickly dries the shoe from the inside out. It effectively combats transpiration- and moisture related problems on the inside of the shoe. It combats bacteria, smells, mould and damage to the lining and insole.

Use this product, for example, in your daily footwear, in wet trainers or with sweaty feet.



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