Furn Force sofa savers

Furn Force sofa savers.


Product code: D1510126
Weight: 690 gr
Length: 48 cm
Width: 10 cm

Furn Force sofa savers. These sofa support boards have been specially designed to strengthen the base of sofas, armchairs and even beds. Furn Force is based on a set of boards. These boards can be extended or even cut to get the desired dimensions. Simply combine and put the sofa support boards together to adapt them to the base of the surface you want to make stable or firm (sofa, armchair, etc.). It's very easy and you don't require any tools. Simply put the Furn Force sofa savers under the seat cushions of your sofa, armchair or mattress, and you'll get instant firmness.

Furn Force provides great stability and comfort. It's perfect for old armchairs or sofas. The Furn Force sofa savers have been designed for daily use. They are made of a special resistent, durable and lightweight plastic.

Save time and money! Try these useful sofa support boards and keep using your old sofa or armchair with renewed comfort.

Furn Force includes 6 sofa savers of approx. 10.5 x 48 cm.



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