Baagoo multi kit pack

Woolwax's natural,reliable characteristics are central to what makes Baago so effective and so versatile.

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Product code: ΜΠΑΓΚΟΥ
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 1,27 kg

Baagoo's active ingredient ? woolwax (also called lanolin) ? has a long heritage. It was well known in Europe for several thousand years and has been a part of Australian farming for more than 200 years. Woolwax's natural, reliable characteristics are central to what makes Baagoo so effective and so versatile.

Woolwax contains hundreds of compounds, giving it extraordinary properties. It is hard to believe that one product can do so much, but thanks to woolwax's complexity, and the modern ingredients that Baagoo combines with it, we have a genuinely versatile protector product for the twenty-first century home. All you need to remember is that Baagoo's protective barrier does four things extremely well:

- It lubricates
- It enhances and protects
- It rust- and corrosion-proofs
- It waterproofs

It replaces many other products that might be using now. We don't say they're not good products, but do you want to buy so many? With careful application of one pack of Baagoo, you can use it around the whole house effectively and economically.



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